The Stephanie Nichols' Classic Car & Vintage Plane Show was held on March 5th at the Georgetown Airport. As happened last year, the show was postponed a week due to weather. Stephanie schedules the show for the last Saturday in February every year and plans a rain date for a week or two later. The weather for the show was great – overcast, breezy and warm.

Because of the generosity of the participants and the spectators, the show was able to raise $26,161 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Cen-tral and South Texas! There were 493 cars registered for the show and most were present. Also, several thousand spectators attended the show. Entrants were able to enter the airport at 8:30am (even though some of us arrived early and were allowed to enter). Spectators began arriving around 10:00am and at times the line of spectator cars was long and some had to wait 30 to 45 minutes to get into the parking lot.

There was only one MG in the show (Ed Rogus’ 1974 MGB). Nick Roccaforte had his 1966 GTO at the show (he’s brave, he left the GTO at the show and went to Tres Amigos to attend the MG club meeting). 4-5 other CCMGC members attended the show as spectators. Most of the vehicles were American muscle cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s but there were several British cars, Jaguar, Lotus, Mini, etc. entered in the show. Lots of beautiful cars through-out the airport.


Pictures from this year’s show can be seen at: