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Posted 1/24/23

74 MGB

I have my 1974 MGB for sale. It is a rust free Texas car that has undergone a comprehensive restoration dating back to 2012. I will be advertising it on Craigslist and Hemmings Motor News for $12,500. If anyone in the club is interested, I can offer it to them for an offer in the vicinity of $10,500. If anyone would like to see the car or wants more details my mobile number is 512-850-9712.

Keith Cadwallader



Posted 11/1/22

1956 MGA Roadster for sale- white exterior, black/red interior, original 1500 engine, runs good. Many new parts including: radial tires, repainted wheels with new knockoffs, bumpers, rebuilt carburetors, fuel pump, clutch kit, brake/clutch master cylinder and wheel cylinders front & rear, water pump, and reworked radiator.  All gauges except fuel gauge work.  Car is located in Mississippi.  Asking $16,500.  Eric Graham (254) 457-1074




Posted 9/14/22

The MGF is a British Sports car manufactured by the Rover Group from 1995 to 2002. Since it was never Federalized, the car was never offered in the United States, instead selling in Europe, Canada and Asia. The car is mid-engined, with surprising accessibility due to the convertible top and the attention the designers gave to the access for maintenance. The car is also equipped with electric power steering and a hydragas suspension which was pioneered by MG in the late 60s. This particular car is finished in Silver over Red and sports a red hood. It does not have air conditioning, but that can be added. The car was built for Germany so it is LHD, and the speedometer has been changed to the MPH style. It was legally imported and has a Minnesota Title. Some of these desirable cars are making their way into the United States from Canada, under the 25 year old rule, but this is a great chance to own one that has seen gentle use since its importation over a decade ago.


Contact Dick Wallrich 612-865-8151




Posted 7/31/2021


1973 MG Monster Midget has been a fun build, going from a very mistreated shell to a kick-butt cruiser.

Sadly, life has gotten in the way of the final few steps so… Time to sell.  Asking $20k, negotiable.

Dean Peters, deanp5208@att.net, Cell 512-660-9604, Home 512-778-6196


This project has been a great deal of work and fun!

I put in a new drivetrain but kept as much of the MG Midget Style as possible!!!

I used an engine/trans kit designed for an MGB as bolt in with no mods.  Some mods for fit into an MG Midget were required.  I acquired the kit and lots of advice/support from British Car Conversions, Dayton, OH (Marc Traylor [deceased]).  The link to the company that bought Marc’s business is https://www.britishcarconversions.com/.

Starting Vehicle

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters1.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters2.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters3.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters4.jpg

Updated Vehicle

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters5.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters6.jpg
http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters7.jpg  http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters11.jpg
http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters8.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters9.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters10.jpg

Comparison -- Original Stock versus Monster Midget


Stock 73 MG Midget

Monster Midget


1275cc, 65hp, straight 4cyl, Dual SU

‘04-06 LX9 (3500), 205hp, v6, 220 ft/lb, EFI


4 Speed no Synchronizer Gear

5 Speed T5Z (93 Mustang)

Per specs, geared to work with original MG Midget Rear End.


1-core w/ 800 CFM pull fan on motor

3-core w/ 2700 CFM Push Fan


Original Stock

Original Stock – No Change


Original Stock

Custom length & fittings


Rusted w/ many holes

Custom headers, pipe, and muffler


Carburetor Dual SU

EFI, pressurized new fuel lines


Rusted out lines, rotors, drums, all

New Rotors/calipers, Drums, Pads, Lines, reservoir


Original Stock

New Gauges + Voltage


Hydraulic Original

New Tube Shocks


Rotten vinyl, carpet, dash, et al

New Leather, dash, panels


Lap Seat Belt

3pt Seat Belts, Roll Bar

Battery Position

Engine compartment



Wire (major rust)


Curb Weight

1650 lbs

1600 lbs



All body work, paint, and fab work have been done.

What’s Left to Do –

Carpet, Soft Convertible Top, Top Cover, Tonneau cover (I have all these parts!)

Additional Included

  • Wire Wheels 5x (original)
  • Hydraulic Shocks (left & right)
  • Hood body part (finished)
  • USB Drive will all pix and history of the build